OkCopay + Made by We

OkCopay brings a refreshing perspective to health care delivery. The online tool allows the un- (and) under-insured to find up-front pricing for various health care treatments in their neighborhoods.

OkCopay does what healthcare providers already should be doing – it makes finding the right care at the right price quick, undiscriminating and easy. 

One thing we learned through collaborating with OkCopay is that health prices don't necessarily reflect their quality - meaning it is entirely possible that the most expensive provider of a service, may not be the best. Our challenge was to find a visually compelling way to present a staggering amount of information – all while making sure not to overwhelm the visitor and educating them about healthcare costs.

Additionally, we needed to keep in mind that OkCopay serves a broad demographic, and the website needed to work easily for everyone in unique ways. Over the course of a year, we worked with Touré, OkCopay's founder, to update and improve the user experience based on user feedback.


We collaborated with the development team over at verynice in LA on this project. Our collaborators Matt & Adam helped us leverage their technical prowess and improve the usability of the OkCopay site.