Medha + Made by We

Medha is an innovative social enterprise that improves career opportunities for youth. 

Based out of Uttar Pradesh, Medha has integrated itself into the established educational system and changed the status quo for public education.

Medha's new energetic and youthful website reflects the enthusiasm and passion their students have for furthering their careers and education.  The site allows educators to monitor each student’s progress, while also educating and attracting potential partners and funders. The Wordpress CMS gives control to their team, allowing them to make updates to key sections of the site and to keep things current without in-depth HTML knowledge.


Made by We worked collaboratively to wireframe, design & build the new site from the ground up, all while evolving their brand and identity to feel fresher, more technology-related and youthful. Working across continents, our teams shared sketches digitally to communicate ideas and concepts. We paid particular attention to the keystone of their programming: the curriculum, creating a series of icons that could also be used offline in their print materials when interacting with students.