Local Tennis Leagues


Layering animated illustrations, complex registration forms, an e-commerce component, and over 100 partner sites to feature meant designing and building the new Local Tennis Leagues site was no small feat.

Local Tennis Leagues is a friendly, competitive (non-profit) tennis league in the UK for adults of all skill-levels. Their old website was out-dated, un-integrated, and a barrier to their potential growth.

We worked with Local Tennis Leagues to organize the scattered content from their previous site, improve the UX (user experience) and user flow from page to page and establish key design and visual elements that would help create a clear identity for the expanding brand. This took place through a multi-phase approach: (1)strategy / research, (2)sitemapping and wireframes, (3)design and illustration, (4) mobile and tablet adaptation, and finally, (5)development and CMS integration.

During our strategy session, we identified that the Local Tennis League brand varied greatly between each of their partner Tennis league locations - their partners were the ones that defined their members experiences, and therefor, each league was different from another. It was important that the website reflect the variety and unique-ness of each of these locations. Our solution to this was to create multiple "background" illustrations of various scenes around the UK. In the CMS, Local Tennis Leagues can mix and match these elements to create a bespoke illustration that reflects the members and geographic description of a location. 



We worked in tandem with Scot Self & Ted Stein of InnerFile to bring this site to life. Their Drupal & File Maker knowledge allowed for a seamlessly integrated ecommerce and registration experience for users on the Local Tennis Leagues site and for an easy-to-maintain backend experience for the LTL staff.