Cultures + Made by We

The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) is known as the oldest and largest single life science membership organization in the world. They are well known within the life sciences' community and have grown from 59 members in 1899 to nearly 40,000 today. Their international department wanted to find a way to showcase the role microbiologists play in global issues (such as health equity, food security, bio-threats and scientific innovation). Thus, Cultureswas born. 

Cultures is a small magazine tackling big issues. 

Designed quarterly by Made by We, Cultures explores the intersection of science, policy, and global challenges by bringing diverse voices to a common platform. The Made by We challenge was to create a brand that still maintained strong ties to the larger ASM organization, but also established a unique voice for the publication.


Taking a cue from the collaborative approach the Cultures editorial team has taken in recruiting contributors, Made by We engages a team of illustrators each issue to help visualize the diverse voices portrayed in each issue. While each illustrator works within a set of visual standards that fits the Cultures brand, there is a significant range in the style in an effort to match the tone of each author. Even the cover art demonstrates a range, regardless of the similar red and blue color palates and minimalist styles.